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I've been writing since they first put a pencil in my hand. As a child I wrote stories, then as a teen I penned raw, emotional poetry.  I was a journalist  for a local news paper when I was raising my children and later as a  teacher  I wrote teacher reference books, training manuals and  text books. More recently I wrote a memoir about the year following the loss of my partner in Victoria's 2009  bushfires.

 Writing is my way of making sense of the world.

My Community


For the past eight years I have been a member of various writing groups, often simultaneously!  Currently I belong to a memoir writing group a 'mixed genre' writing group and an on-line group.  Feedback from other writers (and readers) is invaluable to a writer and I am most grateful for the suggestions and encouragement I receive from those who read my work.  

Join My Journey


I am new to writing a blog but am looking forward to making some notes about my current writing projects and any challenges I am facing. I hope to also  describe any author talks or workshops I  deliver or am planning to deliver in the future. Perhaps you will contact me if there is something that interests you in my writing.

My services


I am available to guest speak about my experiences following the loss of my partner in the Black Saturday fires. I also deliver author talks about writing in general and  memoir-writing workshops.  

Upcoming events


 The Project (Ch 10) interviewed me recently about  fire bunkers.  It's important to me for people to understand Barry was not a fool.  The unprecedented speed and ferocity of the fires, combined with lack of warning were responsible for his death.   




' (Her) writing is powerfully graphic '  M. Oliver bookseller

'..Should be required reading for everyone setting out to help those faced with trauma..'' Dr R. Gordon

 'Raw and compelling' Harper Collins website

 'Informative, inspirational, passionate (speaker)'  U3A  Vic

Current deals


Sadly Finch publishers closed in 2019 after 25 years in the publishing industry.  I purchased the full rights and print-files to my first memoir and it is still available for purchase in hard copy or as an e-book through all the usual outlets including on-line booksellers. 

The book can also be purchased directly from me for the special price of $25 including postage. 



  I have finished all the edits of my second memoir 'Waldene - Love in the Shadows' and thank my trusted writing friends for their input.  In the coming weeks I will ponder what path to follow to have the memoir published, given  the company that published 'All the Days After' closed in 2019.  

Proceeds donated to Charity

Proceeds from All the Days After go to
Salvation Army
Red Cross
Grief/Bereavement Centre

Profits from the sale of All the Days After are donated with thanks to:


Salvation Army

Red Cross

Centre for Grief & Bereavement

whose volunteers helped me through the hard times


My Publications


Fire Nelson Australia (1999) children’s storybook (one of a larger series)

Thinking Allowed, Hawker Brownlow (2003) 

Numeracy Workbook for VCAL, CUP (2006)

Action Numeracy for Middle Primary, ACER Press (2007)

Action Numeracy for Upper Primary, ACER Press (2008) 

Mathematics 7A & 7B for Papua New Guinea, OUP (2007)

Mathematics 8A & 8B for Papua New Guinea, OUP (2009)

More Thinking Allowed, Hawker Brownlow (2013)

All the Days After, Finch Publishers (2015)


Valuing mathematics in our society Maths Association of Victoria (2002)

Making mathematicians Maths Association of Victoria (2003)

Mathematics- Making sense of our world Maths Association of Victoria (2007)

Mathematics is multi-dimensional Maths Association of Victoria (2011)

Time to Write, Yarra Bend Press (2014)

A Tapestry of Words, a Whittlesea Community Grants publication (2014)

Sparx , SWWV (2019)


Hard’N Bold, Prime Number, RACV, Northern News, Leader News, ACHPER, Sunday Age,  Town Crier and others.